Over The Garden Wall – 31 Days of Halloween, Day 31

October is Halloween movie month! Having been completely deprived of any kind of Halloween experience growing up, I now spend 31 days celebrating with film and TV. I like to shoot for a mix of old and new, horror and comedy, from the slightly spooky to the totally terrifying to the just plain weird. Each day of October I’ll reviewing one of these ventures in the realm of the creepy and supernatural. Some will be high quality cinema and some will require large amounts of alcohol to survive. Stock up on seasonal beer and Fireball-apple jello shots and join me! A warning, though – unless the review is of a very recent release, HERE BE SPOILERS.


Over the Garden Wall (2014)

Starring: Elijah Wood, Collin Dean, Melanie Lynskey

A miniseries, in ten 11-minute episodes, about two boys who are lost in a mysterious wood and are trying to find their way home. Wirt is a teenager, frustrated with his young half-brother, Greg, who is imaginative, happy-go-lucky, and adorably annoying. Along with Greg’s pet frog (whose name changes many times) and a girl-turned-bluebird named Beatrice, they meet many strange and mysterious characters, all the while being stalked by the Beast – who wants to turn them into oil-trees to feed the lantern of a woodsman they meet. As the series progresses we learn that the boys are really modern children from our world, who fell off the wall of a cemetery on Halloween while Wirt was trying to get an embarrassing mixtape back from the girl he likes. In the end Wirt and Greg manage to defeat the Beast with the help of the woodsman, who hadn’t known the trees he was cutting down were children, and make their way home. Wirt is met in the hospital by his crush, and he realizes how much he appreciates Greg as his brother.

I’m late with this, but I did manage something for every day of October! It was a great month of movies and TV and I look forward to venturing into into new waters next Halloween season!

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