Think of It as Leaving Early to Avoid the Rush

What I’m doing tonight

Today is a bittersweet day, because today I got the very last ever Discworld novel. Sir Terry’s writings have entertained me, inspired me, and deeply influenced how I see the world ever since a dear friend gifted me Interesting Times almost fourteen years ago. My only regret is that I didn’t discover them sooner. Particularly Good Omens, which I feel would probably hastened my journey away from the strict conservatism in which I was raised.
My husband and I got into the habit of reading the books out loud to each other (and by that I mean, he reads them aloud to me like a human audiobook), so we’re going to continue the tradition tonight. He’s going to try and get through as much of the book as possible and I’m going to try and can as much salsa as possible.

I’m so happy the last book is a Tiffany Aching book and that her story is getting a proper finale. I really think the Tiffany Aching series is one of the best young adult series for anyone out there, but especially for young girls. Even though I came to it as an adult, she still taught me a thing or two about listening to my Third Thoughts. I’m sad that there will be no more new Discworld novels, but one of the marks of a great author is that they’ve created a universe so vivid and complex that you’re left with the feeling that it’s continuing on somewhere, all on it’s own, whether or not anyone is reading or writing about it at the moment.

The Discworld is a place that will truly live on forever, and while Terry Pratchett was taken from this world far too soon, I’m so grateful he left us with so many wonderful ways to visit it any time we want.