Five Good Things for 11/20/2015

Five things I encountered today that were interesting, educational, beautiful, edifying or that I otherwise found to be…well, good. None of these are promotions and I do not receive any benefit from sharing them. I just like them.

monica-doing-turkey-dance-o.gifWell, we made it to the end of another work week. And next week is Thanksgiving, believe it or not. I happen to love Thanksgiving, mostly because I like to cook big meals, have people give me compliments, and then live off leftovers for a week. And also because I never have to travel for it. I’ve got my turkey ordered and have planned way too much food considering there will probably only be four of us. Saturday is our winter farm market, so I’ll be heading there to get my local ingredients and then off to see Mockingjay, Part 2. What are your weekend plans?

1) Weird Al’s parodies are hilarious on their own, but I love it when someone takes them to the next level. Here’s a montage of people in movies eating, to the soundtrack of Weird Al’s “Beat It” parody, “Eat It”.  Also now eating seems weird.

2) Thanksgiving can be fun, but it can also be super stressful, and the source of tension and fights for years to come. If you think everyone at your table just needs to chill the fuck out, here’s a video that shows you how to marinate a turkey in marijuana. Actually, it’s perfect if you think about it – when everyone gets the munchies, there will already be tons of food around.

3) Stuck working in a windowless cube, I sometimes feel the need to be reminded of glory/existence of nature. The winners of the Royal Society Publishing photography contest certainly provide that reminder. Okay, I’m off to go live with the gorillas now…

151021190725-julia-sesame-street-autism-exlarge-1694) In case you haven’t heard, Sesame Street has introduced an autistic character to the cast in the form of a young girl/muppet named Julia. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls has an article on just how awesome this and why.

5) io9 is featuring a beautiful, touching little short film about a boy who’s expressions are the opposite of what they should be – he cries when happy and laughs when sad. “Eggplant” is available to view here.


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