Five Good Things for 11/13/2015

Five things I encountered today that were interesting, educational, beautiful, edifying or that I otherwise found to be…well, good. None of these are promotions and I do not receive any benefit from sharing them. I just like them.

This week definitely didn’t go as planned. Does it ever? My weird work schedule made it feel like instead of Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday I had Monday-Tuesday-Friday-Saturday-Monday-Friday. Isn’t it funny how days of the week are so defined by what we do on them? Anyways, hopefully my weekend will include writing a ton, making my house not smell like cat, and maybe going outside. What’s up for you this weekend?

417cMKeDTxL1) My bedroom is freezing. It was built as a separate building at a different time from the rest of the house and connected later. Which means instead of thick, insulating Victorian walls, it has basically a single layer of brick between me and the outside world. So currently my favorite thing in the entire world right now are electric blankets. Seriously. Climbing into a pre-warmed bed is like heaven. Sometimes I go in there just to feel to happy and safe. If you’ve never experienced the miracle of electric blankets you are missing out. And if you sleep with a partner, do yourself a favor and get the kind that lets you adjust each side to the temp you prefer.

Peggy_Carter_suit2) Marvel just announced additional characters for their LEGO Avengers line-up, including my girl, Agent Carter in her iconic blue suit. I can’t wait to play her! Also, Devil Dinosaur was there.

4326411577_d6293b71da_o3) Need a hearty, unhealthy meal to keep you warm this weekend? I’m making Pioneer Woman’s Drip Beef Sandwiches. Slow cooked beef, melty cheese, savory au jus, and fried onions. Just the thing to warm your bones and fatten you up for the winter.

10-DAYS-ONE-SHEET4web-674x10244) Nellie Bly was one of the first female journalists, and she was a firebrand. She did all kinds of amazing things, but her most dangerous and courageous act was to have herself committed to an insane asylum in 1887 in order to report on the deplorable conditions there. She almost didn’t get out again. Now her story is a movie, 10 Days in a Madhouse, which comes out in a small release on November 20. I hope it’s as a good as it sounds and Nellie gets the attention she deserves.

anglo_1920x1080_petercapaldi_doctorwho_christmasspecial5) I’m super excited about the Doctor Who Christmas Special this year. In case you’ve been living in a non-time machine type box, River Song is returning in her first adventure with the 12th Doctor. Which is also a really smart move to ease the transition between Clara and whoever the new companion is. Even better, we will be able to see the special on the big screen! I wish they were doing showings on Christmas Day, but I guess you can’t have everything.


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