Five Good Things for 11/12/2015

Five things I encountered today that were interesting, educational, beautiful, edifying or that I otherwise found to be…well, good. None of these are promotions and I do not receive any benefit from sharing them. I just like them.

I didn’t have to work yesterday and the best of intentions to write all day. Instead I slept all day. That’s the same thing, right? But I must have needed it because I feel about a million times better today. So I guess that’s… something.

591) I love that even after an actor’s run as the Doctor ends, that Doctor’s story can continue on in audio plays, novels, and especially comics! Titan just announced a 4th Doctor miniseries coming in March. Tom Baker was such a classic Doctor and I’m glad his spirit will continue in new adventures.

15143346792267246422) This beautiful sci-fi short film, Exode, imagines what it would be like if a civilization formed on the back of a living creature. And what would happen if that creature died. It’s such a perfect, moving little story and the art is like being in a dream.

3) I love Gilmore Girls, as I’ve mentioned before. When watching it isn’t enough, listening to the Gilmore Guys Podcast helps me get my fix. Just two guys who love Gilmore Girls. And their awesome guests. And sometimes people from the show. It’s silly and fun and actually really interesting to get a dude perspective on such a very feminine show.

4) NPR has a great article about breastfeeding and why longer term breastfeeding isn’t as weird as it sounds, evolutionarily speaking. Bottom line is, each mom has to do what’s best for her and her child and everyone else should just butt out!

5) Finally, a dose of cute. The new baby panda at the National Zoo, Bei-Bei, has taken his first little wobbly steps. Aww.


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