Five Good Things for 11/9/2015

Five things I encountered today that were interesting, educational, beautiful, edifying or that I otherwise found to be…well, good. None of these are promotions and I do not receive any benefit from sharing them. I just like them.

Well, it’s Monday again! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend that involved 100% less car transmission failures than mine. That’s right, my little Subaru’s transmission gave up the ghost right in the middle of helping my parents move. Guess my husband will have to learn to share his car for a little while! Still, there are good things to be found even in the midst car, work, or whatever other type of crisis you might be facing this week.

1) Song of the Sea might be the most beautiful animated movie I’ve ever seen, based on the Irish myth of the Selkie, a seal who can shed its coat and become a woman. It’s gorgeous, sweet, sad, and the soundtrack will haunt you for weeks.

007402) LUSH’s Amandopondo Bubble Bath Bomb. Some times I do like to splurge on a store-bought product during my DIY spa experiences, and this my absolute favorite. It’s pricey, but it fills the tub with pink, rose scented bubbles and moisturizing oils. Incredibly luxurious and just the thing if you’re in need of some heavy-duty relaxation.

MV5BMjI1MDgyMTMwMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDU5MzAxNzE@._V1_SX214_AL_3) I may have binged-watched the entirety of Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix sitcom “Master of None” this weekend, while I was being sad over my car. It’s really funny, and really unusual. Aziz plays a fictionalized version of himself, as an Indian actor struggling to find work in NYC. It tackles romance, relationships, feminism, racism, and the immigrant experience with good humor and an unusually honest perspective. And Aziz’s parents are just darling!

Anne_gloves_01_large4) My hands are always freezing in the winter, which is not so great when you have an already cold house/office and have to type all day. These writer’s gloves with portions of classic books on them look perfect for keeping my hands warm and reminding why I do what I do. I’m ordering some as soon as possible, probably the Anne of Green Gables pair. I love that these are cotton – my current ones are wool, which while warm, also tend to be itchy.

5) I’ve been trying to stay away from too much Force Awakens info so I’m surprised, but this video clip wherein John Boyega and Daisy Ridley ask each other questions is just too cute not to post. I’m so excited for our new heroes!


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