Five Good Things for 11/6/2015

Five things I encountered today that were interesting, educational, beautiful, edifying or that I otherwise found to be…well, good. None of these are promotions and I do not receive any benefit from sharing them. I just like them.

tumblr_mft4d6Wwyc1qg1mbqo1_500Happy Friday, ya’ll! Allow me assist with your end-of-week goofing off. We had our first snow here today, which means I feel like I shouldn’t have to do anything because snow day. Yes, it was less than an inch and melted immediately. Still, I’m more than ready for the weekend, which for me holds the first winter market of the year, helping my parents move, and recording a podcast. Hope all your weekend plans are fun and safe from snow – let me know in the comments!

9601) Adventure Time episode “Varmints“. I’m just gonna go ahead and assume if you are reading this blog, that you watch and love Adventure Time already, because that’s just the kind of charitable human being I am. Tuesday night’s episode, “Varmints” was one of the best of the series and warmed the cockles of my little Bubbline-shipping heart. Even if that’s the most we ever get between Marcie and Bubblegum, I’m pretty happy. And aside from affirming my worldview, it was just a really sweet episode about what makes PB tick, about a really long and meaningful friendship, and about kicking Alien…er… Varmint Queen arse! All in a 11 tidy minutes.

IMG_29182) So I have a big black dog, with big black toenails. They were kind of long when I got him, as he wasn’t being properly taken care of but was walking on pavement a lot, but the fact that he hates having them trimmed, is extremely strong, and that I cut the quick last time I trimmed them because he had a weird shaped nail means that they have got out of control. At home I feel like I’m being stalked by 8 tiny supermodels in high heels as he clicks across my floors. I’m working on remedying the situation and found this guide to trimming dog nails really helpful, particularly if the quick has grown longer than it should.

tumblr_myh23wzVBA1qljdepo5_4003) I am one of the few Whovians, I think, who loves literally all of the 13 Doctors almost equally. Of course I have a special bond with Ten, because he was my first Doctor, but really… they’re all pretty great! However, I’ve been really enjoying Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor lately so I was excited to hear him speak out about ageism and misogyny on TV and in movies. The industry really needs a reality check, and who better than the Doctor… even if the character does rather gravitate to quite young companions. I mean, a 2000-year age gap is ridiculous even for Hollywood! 😉

1-Lapsang-Souchong_front-on4) One of the things about being a tea person is that once other people know this about you, they will get you tea. All the time. One of the other things about being a tea person is that you will never, ever get tired of this. At work alone I have special loose leaf teas from my trip the UK, from my husband, from a close friend here, and from my BFF. Every time I drink one of them I think of who and where it came from and it brightens my day. Today, I’m drinking a single origin Lapsang Souchong I got at the historic Twinings Shop in London. The strong, smoky flavor isn’t for everyone, but it’s perfect to buck me up on our first wintry day and brings back memories of roaming the streets of London this spring while fighting off The Worst Cold Ever.

Tea Tin herb Garden5) Since I drink and receive so much tea, I have a surplus of beautiful tea tins that I’m absolutely incapable of throwing away. I think I might have to try this project (plus the wine cork labels) and turn them into a kitchen herb garden. Just as soon as I build a shelf in my kitchen…


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