Five Good Things for 11/4/2015

Five things I encountered today that were interesting, educational, beautiful, edifying or that I otherwise found to be…well, good. None of these are promotions and I do not receive any benefit from sharing them. I just like them.

Well, the warm season is officially over where I live. We had an unusually mild fall, with nearly every day in the high sixties or seventies, but as of five minutes ago, the extended summer is officially over. I picked the last of the tomatoes just in time for tonight’s frost and I don’t expect to see 60 again until spring. How’s the fall weather treating you all?

79971) Possibly the best movie of 2015, Pixar’s Inside Out, came out on DVD/BluRay yesterday. It’s sweet, funny, and if you have a child or ever were a child, pretty much guaranteed to make you cry. I can’t think of another movie that really deal with the complex emotions of any person so well, much less one that focused on those of a tween girl in such an empowering way. A good movie and an important one. And if you’re wondering how the five basic emotions portrayed in the movie might combine to form more complex feelings, Vox has this handy chart!

golden_compass_cover_fun_times_by_javawombat-d7000f12) I adored the His Dark Materials trilogy of young adult fantasy novels by Phillip Pullman, and I loved the movie New Line made of the first book, The Golden Compass (no, it wasn’t as good as the book but it was worth it anyway). I was so angry when religious nutjobs tanked the adaptation because of its atheist/humanist/anti-church themes, ensuring a sequel would never be made. But the BBC has announced it’s going to take another stab at adaptation, this time in series form, and honestly, it made my day!

3) I’ve always been fascinated with extreme endurance runners and hikers. The New York Times has a great article about some of the record-setting women hikers and why they can beat men on some of the longest and most punishing trails. Beware the judgeridoos in the comment section though – apparently there’s a “wrong” way to hike, and these ladies are guilty of it.

download4) Levels of respect for George Lucas’s filmmaking vary wildly. This website contains an incredibly well thought argument of why the first six Star Wars movies are actually a stellar, cohesive example of ring storytelling by a master writer. I’m not sure if I totally buy this, but it’s really interesting to read and certainly better than that Jar Jar Binks theory that’s been floating around…

5) We’re doomed. Cats have learned to Trick-or-Treat. This kitty wears a witch’s hat and rings a bell to get a treat. And just like a human child, she becomes angered when the goods are not forthcoming. Just as long as cats never learn to TP a house, we might have a chance. Oh, wait…



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