Five Good Things for 11/3/2015

Five things I encountered today that were interesting, educational, beautiful, edifying or that I otherwise found to be…well, good. None of these are promotions and I do not receive any benefit from sharing them. I just like them.

3f448330857e4ca7ba40ab5465a3c2cb62cdb98c1) It was announced today that Star Trek will be back on TV starting in 2017 on CBS. Details are scarce other than it appears it will take place in the reboot timeline. I am posting this optimistically in the hope that it will be a Good Thing, really. I know a lot of people are iffy on the reboots. I liked them, but I would like to get back to Roddenberry’s humanistic roots and exploring strange new worlds, and I hope that whatever shape the new series takes there’s more of a focus on understanding and exploration than we’ve thus seen from the movies.

81PpMKt-ZXL._SX522_2) This is around the time my seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD) starts to kick in hardcore, on top of whatever existing clinical depression I’m dealing with. The time change hits, sunset comes earlier, and I get kicked in the teeth. So far one of the most useful tools I’ve found for managing my SAD is a lightbox. I got this one off Amazon several years ago, and I keep it at work and use it every morning. It really makes a difference for me. Mayo Clinic has a great article about how to use and choose a lightbox if you also suffer from seasonal depression.

download3) My current favorite sitcom is Last Man on Earth, which has had a run of great episodes lately. It’s funny, but it also just plain weird, running with a TV concept that should be unworkable. You will need to turn off your brain a little and accept it as more of a parable than any sort of faithful post-apocalyptic representation, but it’s worth it. So few shows are willing to take the risk of having a truly unlikeable protagonist and also not cutting him any slack, and Will Forte’s performance is just amazing.

Leonid_Meteor4) Sure, the annual Perseid and Leonid meteor showers get all the attention but where’s the love for the Taurids? That’s right, there’s a meteor shower going on right now, peaking this coming weekend. It might not be as flashy as those Persieds, but it can still put on a hell of a show. Here’s all you need to know. Be sure to bundle up if you’re venturing out though – it’s getting cold out there!

fritillaria_crown_imperial_red_15) If you live in a place where the ground hasn’t yet frozen solid, now is a good time to plant bulbs for spring. Here are six often-overlooked bulbs that can jazz up your flower garden. The Crown Imperial Fritillaria is my favorite, but warning – they give off a skunky smell! I still think it’s worth it for their impressive and exotic display.


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