Five Good Things for 10/23/2015

Five things I encountered today that were interesting, educational, beautiful, edifying or that I otherwise found to be…well, good. None of these are promotions and I do not receive any benefit from sharing them. I just like them.

1) Carol Rossetti, an artist from Bazil, has done a large series of posters about women, affirming all kinds of women and all kinds of choices they can make. It’s some really excellent feminism that’s inspiring and encouraging to women of all races, creeds, orientations, and types. Her posters are simple but powerful and she makes them personal. I can’t choose a favorite, but one I saw today that I like says “Susan wears a hijab out of choice but many say she is just another woman ‘oppressed by Islam’. Susan, what you wear is your personal decision and the real oppression would be to strip you of your freedom to choose!”. Go check them out and support Carol’s work!

download (1)2) Mummy Cat by Marcus Ewert is a simply adorable children’s picture book about a cat in ancient Egypt who was buried with his queen and now wakes up every 100 years to see if she’s come back for him yet. It’s cute, spooky, a little sad, and full of facts about life in ancient Egypt. A perfect Halloween book for your little budding Egyptologist.

rgb_logo_6503) Daniel Craig has a great interview with Red Bulletin (yes, Red Bull has a lifestyle magazine… *shudder*) about his latest James Bond role in the upcoming film, Spectre. It’s notable mainly for his refusal to engage the interviewer in fan-worship of Bond and the Bond lifestyle. He points out that Bond is a misogynist and may be a great action hero, but is neither a real-life hero nor a good role model. Honestly, it made me super impressed with Daniel Craig, especially when he refused to allow his age-appropriate co-star to be referred to as an “older woman”.

4) Don’t feel like cooking? Sometimes food writers don’t either. Food52 shares some secrets on what the professionals do when they don’t want to make dinner but dinner needs to happen. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to avoid the take out even when you aren’t motivate to make much of anything.

5) I’ll take Batman and Robin dachshunds as my heroes over Batfleck any day. They will disable teh burglarz with cutes.


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