Five Good Things for 10/22/2015

Five things I encountered today that were interesting, educational, beautiful, edifying or that I otherwise found to be…well, good. None of these are promotions and I do not receive any benefit from sharing them. I just like them.

Macronaria_scrubbed_enh1) Dinosaurs are cool, especially really gianormous ones. But how on earth did the massive sauropods get enough blood to their brains when their heads were tens of feet above their necks? A new article at Smithsonian Magazine online explains.

2) Do you love smutty romance, but hate that so much of it, particularly the most popular iteration (50 Shades of Grey), contains such damaging tropes and glorifies abusive relationship? Do you want a better reading alternative for your kink? Sure, we all do. The Mary Sue has a great interview with author Jenny Trout, whose work is steaming hot but also empowering, and subverts many of the negative messages so common in the genre. She also gives some great recommendation of her favs.

14740048318782333823) Despite the fact my bathroom contains a print of a Dalek bathing that says “EXFOLIATE!” on it, it is still not as geeky as I’d like. These new Star Wars showerheads could really help up my game, although I think I’d choose the R2D2 one. The Vader one is cooler, but I’m not ready to face the Dark Side first thing in the morning. The only downside is getting one could potentially result in an entire, Star Wars themed bathroom redo. Wait, did I say “downside”?

orchid-vanilla-black-tea-pyramid_14428561004) Another day, another tea. Today I’m drinking Orchid Vanilla from Tea Forte, which I originally found in the gift shop of my local botanical garden. The name may be redundant (vanilla is an orchid by definition), but the flavor is deep and soothing. The vanilla is powerful and pairs well with the strong black tea base. It also requires very little sweetener. It’s a great afternoon or lazy Sunday morning tea.

images (1)5) Huffington Post has a nice little article on sexual identity terms that are less common. Some you’ve probably heard, like asexual, and others, like skoliosexual, you might not have. Some people might try and say these aren’t valid identities or orientations just because they haven’t heard of them/don’t understand them/don’t like them. But remember, labels like these are what people use to identify and describe themselves, which is their business and not yours. Whatever helps someone define themselves, who/what they love/are or are not attracted to, and find like-minded others (if they wish) is totally valid and is not hurting you.


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