Five Good Things for 10/10/2015

HappyHauntingPrincess1) Remember when the Simpsons were everywhere? From t-shirts to your Butterfinger (snicker) when I was young there was Simpson’s merch all over the place. You couldn’t get away from it. Now the show is well past it’s prime and no one instructs anyone not to to have a cow, but one thing remains strong: the annual Treehouse of Horror Halloween Special. Now you can have the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror leggings and skirts you never knew you wanted.

2) I’m in love with this completely charming webcomic about nature. It ranges from handy graphics to help you remember birdsongs to just plain silly jokes about bee-mimics. Bird and Moon is funny and educational all at the same time, and the drawings are just plain cute. If you love it too, support it on Patreon.

CQvVOojW8AAGhky3) The winner of “The Great British Bake-Off” is a woman who is the child of immigrant parents and a Muslim who wears a headscarf. With immigration such a controversial issue all over the world and particular in the UK, it’s nice to see someone like Nadiya Jamir Hussain be publicly recognized for her talents. And her recipe for Lemon Drizzle Cake sounds amazing.

14657799804063428334) I really enjoyed this piece from io9 about the making of Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, which comes out this winter. Weird has worked for them before and if this article and the trailers released so far are any indication, it’s going to again. I wasn’t sure about this movie at first but now I’m excited, especially given how good Inside Out was.

yh holo scales met lime5) Cosplayers rejoice! Cosplay Fabrics in partnership with YaYa Han and JoAnn Fabric is launching a new line of cosplay fabrics. Some times the very specific types of fabric you need for a costume are really hard to find or expensive, so it’s really nice to see that the industry is growing more aware of our needs. I’ll be interested to see how the prices stack up against non-branded varieties of the same, although if it expands the types of fabrics I can get at my local JoAnn, I’ll be thrilled. Ooooh, scales!


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